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       from a dream to reality...       

The idea of turning my passion for helping others and love of good food into a health food store was a journey that began over ​30 years ago.   My increasing disappointment with conventional health protocols, too many medications and too few answers served as fuel for me to find a better way of life for myself and my family.  I not only wanted to be healthier and to raise healthy children but I also wanted to be able to  pass that information on to others.  I read, studied and became my own personal guinea pig.  But the idea of owning my own shop began to dim with the reality of everyday life.  As a single parent of three children, and surrogate mom to a golden retriever, 3 cats, two birds, two horses and anything else looking for a place to stay, there was little time or money left for such a lofty goal.

Then one night I had a dream, literally. 


It was a time in my life that many people experience.  One of the nowhere times between the past and the future that lead you to ask, "what  am I supposed to be doing with my life?"   The kind of moments that make you wonder, where your life is going, what does it all mean and how are  you supposed to get to there from here?  As I was getting ready for bed on that fateful night, these were the thoughts going through my mind.  I was frustrated, angry and just plain over it.  And so before climbing into bed I asked God for a dream, or rather, I'm embarrased to say, I sort of demanded one.   I told God I wanted a dream and I want it tonight.  "And" I continued with my tirade, "not one of those dreams that takes 14 or 15 years to figure out what it means.  I want one that is perfectly clear about what I am supposed to do with my life and I want it now."  Fortunately, God overlooked my demanding tone, understood my anger and frustration and granted me the dream I so strongly requested.  That night as I slept I dreamed that I was standing in downtown Maryville looking down E. Broadway Ave. toward Washington St. On the right hand side of the road was a storefront with a sign hanging above it that read "Cynthia's Natural Market".  Ok, that was clear enough.  True to my request, it did not take me 14 years to decipher what the dream meant.  It did however take 14 years to make it a reality.

After working in the health food industry for the past 34 years , my passion to create a healthier world for all of us is stronger than ever.  I took my addiction to information and desire to help others and became a naturopath,  health educator and biofeedback practitioner.  I created Cynthia's Natural Market to give people a level of comfort that as a customer  in my store, they can trust the products offered.  As a naturopath and health educator, I am available to answer questions and offer guidance in an ever growing sea of confusing and conflicting information. 

Today, Cynthia's Natural Market sets on the right hand side of the road, at 532 E. Broadway Ave., in Maryville, Tn., just as it appeared to me that night so many years ago.   When .people look at me and say "You're living the dream girl!" I smile and say "yes, I really am..."



532 E. Broadway Ave.

Maryville, Tn.37804


T: 865-336-9292

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